Saturday, May 13, 2017

Weekly Post 5/8-5/12

Happy Mother's Day
We hope you enjoy your day!

This week was full of special events. Another round of EBs started with gusto. Monday and Wednesday; children were busy playing with light and color, cooking delicious treats, and learning about physics in order to build a race car. 

Tuesday morning there was a trip to the Scrap Box to learn about recycling and reusing materials. Each child created a robot out of recycled items, and got to go shopping for more recycled materials to take home for future projects. 

Sue explains how the Scrap Box gets materials from businesses
that would would normally go straight to landfills. The important
message is Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose.

Thursday, author Amy Shrodes about writing her book Lost and Found Cat

At the end of the day, Jessica and Edison explained the blue bird survey they are working on this spring and summer. They gave us a tour of the nesting boxes in County Farm Park.

One ​nest has 5 beautiful blue bird eggs in it.  They were too high for us to look at but Jessica took a photo of them for us to see.

On Friday Jessica and Edison found 3 eggs hatched.

Friday, we had the Fun Run and cheered for runners in the SK 5K. Edison is in the Running Club after school so he was able to participate in the 5K. The children chanted his name as he began the race and gave him "high 5s"as he ran to the finish.

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