Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly Summary: 5/15-5/19

Sustainability was the center of activities this week. After weeks of collecting, processing, and packaging seeds, the 1st and 2nd graders had their seed sale. The sale was very successful, making $150 for the Rain Garden project. 

On our “Spring Nature Walk” with Kelsey, our class helped rid the woods of the invasive garlic mustard to help the native flowers sustain their rightful place in the woods.

In Math, the children have been practicing adding and multiplying in a “go round” game. Each child gets a card with a number and a problem on it. A child reads a card that tells their number and asks a question. The child with the answer to the question response and so it goes till we get back to the first child. For example: “I have 25. Who has 6 x 3?”.

Thank you to Jessica and Joan for engaging the children for hour so I could attend the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. They had the children write me lovely notes and make me a beautiful bunting. Thank you to all the people who brought in delicious food for the breakfast. 

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