Friday, December 16, 2016

Weekly Summary: 12/12-12/16

Winter weather has definitely arrived.  This week we had our first snow day and first day inside due to below zero temperatures.  When we did get outside the children had a blast, working together to "mine" the snow boulders, out of the mountain of snow, left by the snow plow.  

Inside, the children put the finishing touches on their costumes and the backdrop for their Latin play, ubi est Glaucus? ( Where is Glaucus? ).  Thursday afternoon they performed the play for some parents and grandparents.  

In Science with Shan, the children did an experiment  with candy canes.  In Homeroom, they did an ice experiment.  They sprinkled salt on ice and observed what happened. Then they added colored water which made all the holes and cracks even more visible.  If you want to observe the results, you can find the colored ice setting on the stones outside the classroom window.  

A writing project this week turned into our presentation at "Morning Meeting".  The children wrote their own etiquette stories based on What Do You Say, Dear? by Sesyle Joslin. They read their short stories to everyone at school on Friday morning. 

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