Saturday, December 24, 2016

Weekly Summary: 12/19-12/22

During the last week before winter break all the children were full of energy and excitement.  During the 2 days we had math, several children finished their math books, and received the next book in the Singapore math series. The math class also worked on solving problems using base 10 blocks, and learned the movements for a song called "Count Bounce".  

In Homeroom, the children illustrated the poems we have been reading during the first few months of school. 

n Tuesday, Edison's Oma (grandmother) came to our class and read a book, A Wish to be a Christmas Tree .  She also brought in a fruit tree. Each year she makes a tree like this for her family during the holidays.  The berries on the fruit tree were our afternoon snack. 

In conjunction with Shan's science lessons, we watched a "Magic School Bus" video about animal habitats. 

Wednesday, the children baked banana muffins and delivered the muffins, and thank you cards, to teachers that were interviewed about their classrooms.  The grand finale of the week was pajama day and decorating graham cracker houses with candy.


Thank you to all the families who brought in pajamas; thirty children will have new pajamas and books for the New Year.

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