Friday, October 16, 2015

Quiet Moment

We spend much of our lives, rushing from one thing to another, thinking and planning for what is coming next .

For most of us, mornings mean hurrying around to get ready for the day: getting a bite to eat before we gather up our things, and scurry out the door in order to make it to school and work on time.

Children get many lessons in "hurry up", "don't be late", "go faster", "catch up".  As an antidote, children need lessons in how to be still, to calm themselves, to breathe deeply. This is why most mornings, before we do anything else, we take a moment to quiet our mind and body.  

Being still does not come automatically; it takes practice.  In September, we started this segment of the day with one minute of silence.  Children practiced sitting with eyes closed (or at least trying to keep eyes closed).  They could choose to sit on their knees or with legs crossed.  Over several weeks, we worked up to 3 minutes of stillness.  In October, we added two new position options: laying down on backs or sitting in "child's pose".  In November, we will try to increase the quiet time to 4 minutes. 
sample of relaxing postures

This week, Preeti, Esh's mother, came to help assist during math.  She joined us in our morning calming exercise.  Click on the following link to read her reflections on the experience,

Now, Everybody stop and breathe!

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