Friday, October 23, 2015

Something Special

At least once a month, our class is doing "Something Special"  for the school, or "Something Special" for someone at the school.  We will choose a project to make a small improvement for the school, making it a little more beautiful or special in some way, or giving a special surprise to someone, who helps make each day we are at school better in some way.

Our first project , I choose what we would do: we added to our flower gardens in the front of the school.

The first step for this project was a trip to Downtown Home and Garden to buy tulip bulbs.  It was amazing to find out how many variations in color, shape and size tulips come in.  Each child chose one bulb. It was not an easy choice to pick just one.

(A big thank you to Downtown Home and Garden for the "Education Discount" they gave to us.)

Back at school, we went into our front gardens to find unoccupied spots to plant the bulbs. The children learned which is the top and bottom of a bulb so they could plant it in the correctly in the hole they dug.  

Our first project will not come to fruition until Spring. We can hardly wait.

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