Monday, May 4, 2015

Art and Science


Looking through a microscope opens up a whole new world to explore. We have been exploring this world over the past couple weeks. The children have been intrigued by what they are discovering through the magnifying lenses of the microscopes in our room. The first thing the children looked at where pre-made slides of animal blood samples.

Coincidentally, the UM Graduate Library, currently has an exhibit: Through the Magnifying Glass: A Short History of the MicroscopeSo, we went to the library to learn more.  At the exhibit, we had the opportunity to meet the curator of the show, Pablo Alvarez. He pointed out some of the 17th and 18th century engravings that artist/scientist made while looking through early microscopes. The children were excited to find illustrations of the microscopical structures of various body parts on display, since we have been study of the human body.

After seeing the illustrations at the library, the children experimented with making drawings while looking through microscopes, starting with slides of various insect parts. Many children complained that this was very difficult but everyone tried to draw what they saw. It definitely gave a new appreciation for the engravings we saw at the library.

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