Sunday, January 26, 2014

Handwriting and Phonics

At Summers Knoll we know that each child is on their own journey of learning.  With this in mind, teachers create lessons in which children can do the same activity but take it to  various levels according to their abilities and interests.

This year, our class is combining handwriting practice with lessons in phonics.  This activity starts with a brainstorming session.  We go around the table and children give words that fit the "sounds" of the day, for example, "an".  It usually starts with simple words: man, fan, plan, and then expands.  My favorite from this session was chanticleer (a word from one of last year's poems).

After the board is covered with words.  The children have to write sentences with the word while using their best penmanship.  For some children writing one sentence is a challenge while other children who have more practice in forming letters and writing down ideas, can write a whole page.  

All the children seem to enjoy coming up with words in the brainstorming sessions and coming up with inevitably funny sentences.

Here are a couple example from a recent handwriting session, using "ug" words. 

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