Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Who is KeeKee?

Some of you have already met KeeKee and others will get an opportunity to meet her soon.  KeeKee is a chimpanzee who lives in our classroom.  She loves children and enjoys watching them work and play. 

Every year, KeeKee goes home with each child in the class.  She is low maintenance and extremely fun to have around.  The only thing required upon her visit is that the child she is visiting writes down about their adventures in her journal that she keeps in her backpack.

KeeKee has been at my house for the past four days.  She's helping me write assessments.  KeeKee has valuable insights into some of the activities that go on in the classroom that I might otherwise miss.  Children always think teachers have eyes in the back of their head; for me they are KeeKee's.

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