Sunday, December 1, 2013

Next Stage

The writing component of the play productions are completed.  The children made drafts of the scripts, I typed what they wrote, they revised their work and corrected my typos, and I made final copies of the plays.  

Now the children are rehearsing and designing costumes.  We will perform the plays, for various classrooms during school,  sometime in December (after the school production of the Odyssey is over).  

The class is having a great time trying on costumes, and experimenting with other voices, as they continue to work on the plays (The 3 pigs, The 3 Bears, and The 3 Billy Goats Gruff) 

Design for Billy Goat Gruff costume
Design for pig costume

Beginning of pig costume

In thinking about our own identities, it is interesting to think about and try on other identities.  Mary Ann Hoberman considered this idea in her poem, Changing, that we learned a couple weeks ago.  


I know what I feel like;
I'd like to be you
And feel what you feel like
And do what you do.
I'd like to change places
For maybe a week
And look like your look-alike
And speak as you speak
And think what you're thinking
And go where you go
And feel what you're feeling
And know what you know.
I wish we could do it;
What fun it would be
If I could try you out
And you could try me.

-Mary Ann Hoberman

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