Monday, December 2, 2013


Recycling is something we do every day,  but what happens to all the stuff we put in the bins once it leaves our house or school?

We found out during our visit to the MRF (Material Recycling Facility).

Our tour guide told us how some things can be recycled while other things can be composted, natures way to recycle.   Items that aren't composted or recycled  end up in the land fill.

After an introduction, it was time to see what happens to the materials that can be recycled.  To go on the tour everyone had to grab a hard hat and a vest to stay safe while in  the recycling facility.  

All the materials are brought in by trucks and put on conveyer belts.  People sort the materials to make sure there are no non- recyclable materials mixed in with the recyclable ones.  Machines sort the recyclables  into "cages" by type.

When all the materials are sorted, they are put in a compactor that bundles them.  The bundles are transported to businesses that make things out of recycled materials from paper to clothes.  

It was amazing to see the sheer volume of materials that are processed every day at the MRF.  It is incredible to think this used to all go in the landfill.  

The trip reminded us to make sure we recycle what we can and not to forget to rinse our containers.  Even though it was a cold day, the smell in the facility made it clear why rinsing is such an important part of recycling.

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