Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flea Market Extravaganza

Sorting items
The preparation for the Flea Market is a crucial and fascinating piece of the Flea market experience.  After the children bring in their collections of "treasures" from home, the items need to be sorted into piles of based on their value of: 1,5, 10, or 25 cents.  It is amazing to hear the discussions about how things should be priced.  As an outsider, I am never sure why one small rubber ball is worth a penny while another is worth a dime but so it goes.

Pricing mechandize

After the value is determined the items get a price sticker. 

Selecting from a wide array
of quality items

On Market day, careful decision making takes place.  Everyone is looking for the best bargain.

Irma assisting at the register.

After making a selection, it was time to pay.  If there was money left over, there was another trip for more goodies.

A special thank you to Irma, Mrs. Carpenter's aunt and Fanny, Elaine's cousin, who came to help at the cash registers.  Unfortunately, Elaine went to look for her cousin and missed the Flea Market.  Maybe she will have better luck next year.  

I am sure everyone's parents enjoyed all the purchases that came home this evening. (And they thought they were getting rid of "junk".) 

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