Monday, November 19, 2012

Archeological Dig

Shlomit, Eli's mom, came in this morning to tell us about a archeological dig she went on with her University students once.  There was a house that burned down; she and her students excavated the site.

After hearing about the expedition, the children in our class split into groups.  Each group got 2 envelopes with drawings of some of the objects that were found on the dig.  They had to work together to decide what the objects were and what room they came from.  

The next step was to determine which room was which by looking at a drawing of the house's floor plan.  The children determined the room's purpose by considering the size, location, and doors of the room. Most of the rooms were decided upon fairly easily but there was a lengthy discussion about where the kitchen and dining rooms were located.  Some children thought the upper left room was the kitchen because their kitchen has a door going to the outside but others were sure this was the dining room because their dining room has a door going to the outside.  It just shows how your personal experiences influence your perspective.

 Thank you, Shlomit for a great activity.

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