Thursday, September 20, 2012

To Market, to Market...

We did not buy a fat pig but we did see and buy some interesting items to bring back to school to use in Art class.

When we got off the bus, it was time for a group photo before setting out to find merchandise. 

After the photo-op, we walk through the market to get ideas about what to buy.  

On the way, a few venders gave of samples of their wares.  We saw a beautiful array of colors and shapes in the flowers, vegetables, and fruits.  

There were also some lovely non-edible items.  

After seeing all the options of things to purchase, the children took turns telling what  would they would like to take back, to put in a still life for Art class. Interestingly, with 14 children and a multitude of choices, there were only 4 different selections: flowers, gourds, pumpkins, and tomatoes.

We purchased the items, 

watched a man sharpening knives and scissors, and then were back on the bus headed for school.

Thank you to Becky, Christine Hume, Adam, Esra, and Schlomit, for meeting us at the Market with smiling faces and herding skills.

This trip is one example of how curriculum at Summers-Knoll integrates things learned in class with real life experiences and the community at large.  Teachers, also, work together to have projects overlap over subject area.  I look forward to see the still life drawing the children do with Tracy.

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