Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pillow project

The pillow project started the first Friday of the school year, with a field trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Each child picked a fabric for their pillow.  The children were very patient as they waited in line for their 1/4 yard of fabric.

The staff  members at Jo-Ann's were very friendly and helpful.  They maintained an easy-going attitude as they cut 28 pieces of fabric.  The good humor of Jo-Ann's staff made it a positive experience for everyone.

For many days, the children took turns sewing their pillows.  Using the sewing machine took lots of concentration.

There was a science to stuffing.  At first everyone tried to put as much in their pillows as possible but then one child realized that the pillow was hard and uncomfortable.  So, everyone tested for comfort before deciding how much to put in.                                                                

The pillows are now complete and being used at story time.

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