Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day

The day, and new year, began with a meeting on the playground.  Each child and adult came to school with there own set of butterflies in their stomachs, but I think everyone felt a positive level of expectancy and exhilaration as they approached something new and exciting.

Joanna, our fearless leader, led the call to start the day and lo,  school year began.

As we entered our classroom the children settled themselves
on the rug and we started to learn each others names and faces.  Then we started the September's theme, "Our Backyards", by sharing things from our backyard.  There were flowers, vegetables, a rock, and a golf ball, photos of basketball playing and a trampoline and a deer antler.  It was a wonderful collection.

In the afternoon the children went to P.E. with Shan and Madame came in for French class.  Everyone said, "bonjour" and "au revoir".

I apologize for not having as many pictures of the children as usual, but my hands were a bit busy with other things. 

I am looking forward to spending the year with all of you.

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