Thursday, June 16, 2011


In September, you turned your children over to me.  For many of you it was bittersweet moment.  You watched your child move from the pre-school years to elementary school.  It was exciting to watch your child take this giant step.  The excitement was mixed with some anxious expressions and teary eyes as you entrusted your child to me, a virtual stranger.  Over the past 10 months, together we watched all the children grow and mature and learn.

Last Thursday, was my turn for the bittersweet moment.  It was my turn to look at the children and hope I had prepared them for their next journey.  As I watched the children looking over their portfolios, excitedly remembering their year, I took a moment to step back and relish the voyage we have taken together.  With tears in my eyes, I gave them their last hug as a kindergartener and wish them a wonderful summer.

In considering my year, I also must stop and thank you, the parents, for all the support you provided me and the class this year.  I can not express how meaningful your kind words, notes, and hugs were to me as we parted on Thursday.

In looking forward to next year, I am excited to join some of the children in 1st grade and start a new adventure together.  For those not be returning to Summers-Knoll, I wish you the best, encourage you to stay in contact and will stay part of the Summers-Knoll community.

I wish you all a fabulous summer. 

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