Sunday, June 5, 2011


Enough room for each child to stand

The architects  who are working on the new building came to talk to the children and  brainstormed with them about what is needed in a school.  First, they talked about how architects think about measurement, size, and purpose of the space to determine how much space is needed.  Then the children did a few exercises to illustrate the point.  They stood close together, had a string wrapped around them and were asked if this is enough space for them.  "NO". 

 Then they laid head to toe.  "Better".  Finally, they were shown what people have determined is a good amount of space for children in a school classroom.
Heel to toe

The amount of room architects have decided each child needs.

Adding ideas to the blue print.
The second part of the morning centered on what we needed in our school.  There were some very interesting comments as children considered the options.  One child remarked that we needed bigger cubbies.  Another child liked that the music room was by the bathrooms because she liked listening to music while she went to the bathroom.  Many children cling to the idea that we  need pools and water slides.

The final product

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