Thursday, April 14, 2016

Science and Art

The children were very disappointed when we went to the Quilt Exhibit at the Botanical Gardens, and they could not go into the Conservatory.  This week, we remedied that problem.  Wednesday afternoon, we ventured out, once again to the Gardens.

This trip was serendipitous, because not only did we get to explore interesting plants in a variety of climates, but there was a also a special installation of large ceramic sculptures by Susan Crowell called Hidden Worlds.   Earlier in the day, the children were working on their own ceramic masterpieces with Tracy in Art class. 

Sculpture of Motherwort
Crowell's sculptures are of pollen. These super enlarged pollen granules were found hanging from the ceilings and tucked amongst the foliage, throughout the greenhouses.
One of the pollen sculptures appeared to be smiling. Thinking this must be a joke, I looked it up. Surprise, the real pollen does have a smile. It is from a Motherwort. This exhibit has sparked an interest for the class in pollen. Hopefully, soon we will be able to collect our own pollen samples and put them under magnification.

Everyone also enjoyed many other features in the greenhouses. We hope to go back soon.

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