Friday, April 29, 2016


Our class continue to explore the theme of Innovation and Inventions.

This week, in Math class, we watched The Story of One , a documentary that depicts the history of numbers. It follows how people, across cultures and time, developed counting systems that lead to all sorts of innovations in mathematics. We discovered what it was like in a world without zero. (Some children were absent and did not see the whole documentary, so I have included the link in case they would like to watch the parts they missed.)

We also read a fictional story about an inventor who creates all sorts of marvelous inventions, until he is given a laboratory and expected to invent things. He finds this is impossible without the other things he loves around him for inspiration.

During writing time, we learned how to count syllables in word. Our poems for the week were haiku poems. We learned about this traditional Japanese poetry that always consists of 3 lines and often has the 5/7/5 syllable pattern. The children tried to use their new knowledge of syllables and haiku to innovate their own haiku poems.

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