Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Something Special for the Auction

Look what you can bid on at the coming 

The children are have been working hard on the next "Something Special" project: a quilt that will be sold at the auction to the highest bidder. The money from the quilt will go to scholarships to help families with tuition. 

Some children wondered why this was important.  I was about to explain but other children did it for me. They explained that there are public schools that anyone can go to and you don't have to pay.  Summers Knoll is a private school and families have to pay to come to the school.  Some children also knew that public schools get money to pay for things from people paying taxes. (What a savvy group.)

The process:

This project started by making a sketch of a real or imagined bug. 

Next, the bugs were painted on fabric.

Then, each child sewed their painting on a quilt square.

The final step was mine. I took all the squares and sewed them on fabric to form a quilt.
The quilt is displayed outside our classroom. Make sure you come by and admire all the colorful creatures.

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Wendy Lawrence said...

This is so gorgeous! Thanks so much! My son is really proud of it, too!!