Friday, February 26, 2016


At first some children thought a homophone might be one of those phones that you make by taking two cups and joining them with a string, but with more and more examples everyone started to get the idea that homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled different.

Over a couple days, the children came up with words that are homophones. It was tricky at times because sometimes they got confused with rhyming words or learned that the words were homonyms rather than homophones. Eventually, the board were covered with homophones. 

Next, the children wrote the words and corresponding illustrations on cards. Some words were very tricky to illustrate. It is easy to make a picture of "one" but how do you show "won"?  All the cards were posted on the bulletin board in the classroom.  After the display was assembled, the assignment was to write sentences, or a story, using pairs, or trios, of homophones

It quickly became apparent that how you spell the word can make a big difference in meaning.  To write a person wrote a letter, "Deer Marry" is very different than "Dear Mary".

The children were very excited about the homophone activities. They continue to think of new homophones to add to our collection. The bulletin board will be up for a while and children can refer to it for spelling help when they are doing writing activities.

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