Friday, February 5, 2016

Flea Market

In Math class, over the past few weeks, the children have been doing various activities to help them learn about money. They have practiced recognizing coins, learning their values, and counting coin money.  

Today, it was time to put our knowledge into practice at the annual Flea Market. The children used their money skills in a "real life" situation. 

All the toys the children donated earlier in the week, that they priced between 1 - 25 cents, were put out on tables. The children "armed" with one dollar bills and shopping bags, set out to forage for treasures and bargains.  At the cash registers, the children had to tell the friendly cashier know how much change they would get back after they purchased their items.

For parents, this event is often bitter sweet. They are so excited to clean out old toys but then find they get at least as many, if not more toys coming home. 

Oh well, you can't win them all. At least the children have a great time, practice math skills, and are thrilled with their purchases. 

Thank you to Irma and Trixie, our 2 Flea Market Experts for 
their assistance
 as well as cashiers: Jill, Jennifer, and Pat

Showing off your bargains to others

Choosing from an array of 1 cent items
Pondering which fabulous item to buy
Finding the perfect item
Filling shopping bags with treasures
Figuring out how much change you are
going to receive 

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