Friday, January 15, 2016

Social Scientists

This week, all the first and second graders were social scientists.  They collected data, found out about family lineages and history, as well as learning a bit of geography. This was all part of a project we called: "Where We Were Born".  The children discovered where they were born along with where their parents and grandparents were born.  Using graphs and maps, they got an excellent visual picture of our diverse community and the migrations of families.

If you haven't come by to see our results, try to make time to do so, and have your child describe how the maps and charts work.  Adults and children alike have found this project fascinating. 

Coloring maps of the United Stated

Making puzzles of the United States

Charting what States and Countries people were born

Finding locations on the World map

Finding locations on the States map

Come by and view the results of our work

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