Friday, January 22, 2016

My Favorite Things: the last two months

Following author Maira Kalman's lead (see blog post from November 20th), the class started thinking about their favorite things. We discussed how people might have different ways in thinking about what their favorite thing are; their favorite thing might be a person, an activity, or an object. After the discussion the children made a list of things that were special to them. Many of the their favorite things were friends, pets, parents, and activities. It was lovely to hear all of the things that were important to them.

 The next day, I shared a song I know by Bev Bos and Tom Hunter:

"I have a box, an old shoe box and it's just about this big square,
If you come over here you can look in my box and my favorite things are there."

Each child got a shoe box to decorated. (Thank you, Mast Shoes for providing the boxes.) 

They took the boxes home to put 3 to 4 of their favorite things inside. After sharing and telling stories about the things in the boxes, the children made sketches and drawings of one of their favorite things. The next step was writing a real or imaginary stories about a favorite things. For many children this was a very inspiring writing project, and they are still writing their stories. 

If you would like to read your children's story, you can find them in their green writing folder on the cart right inside the classroom, or you can ask your child to show you.


How could a discussion of "My Favorite Things" not include listening to Roger and Hammerstein's song from Sound of Music. Many children were already familiar with the song and we were very lucky to have Emma, from Karl's class, helping in our class to assist me in singing.

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