Thursday, October 29, 2015

Spinning Dot Theater

We often talk about how there can be more than one way to do things; more than one way to find the answer to a math problem, make a painting, or write a poem.

Today we saw an innovative and creative way to tell a story.

Thank you to Spinning Dot Theater for coming and transforming our classroom into a beautiful tent/pillow theater. Artist-in-Resident, Kelly Joyce Fielder created and directed the magical play we watched this afternoon. Using dolls, shadow puppets, song, and clever lighting, Kelly told the Inuit tale of Sedna. The children were enchanted. As the children were leaving the performance they were discussing the production. Many wished they could see it again. One child proclaimed, "that was the best play I've seen since Peter Pan. 

It was truly an inspiring performance. My only regret is that I could not adequately capture the magic in photographs. 
Kelly telling the story of Sedna.

Shadow puppets show an igloo to the right, moon to the left.

Look up and see all the stars in the northern sky.

Dolls representing Sedna and her family.

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