Friday, October 30, 2015

Something Special

We had so much fun doing Something Special for Karen. 

Karen does so much for everyone at school that I felt she was the perfect choice for the first person to do "something special" for.  If anyone tried to follow Karen for a day, they would not believe it was humanly possible to get everything she does done. 

For the children at Summers Knoll, Karen is a smiling face, a band-aid for a cut, a quiet person to sit with if you are overwhelmed. 

On Wednesday afternoon, when Karen was out of her office, so we snuck in to decorated. Thursday morning the library was all a buzz with the big questions: 
"Has Karen seen her surprise yet?", "
"Did she like it?"

Then we got this lovely email:

To Ms Elaine's Class,

The school was quiet this morning when I walked in, and my office dark.  I opened the door and the light came on, SURPRISE!

I couldn't believe my eyes.  WOW!  Everywhere I looked I saw beautiful artwork decorating my walls.  I LOVE IT!

Thank you, Thank you.  You can't even imagine how happy this made me.  If you see me smiling today, it is because everywhere I look I see your wonderful pumpkins and leaves smiling back at me.

I bet you didn't know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  It is!

Please stop in and show me which one you did!

Happy Halloween to all of you!

The children glowed with pride. What a lesson: a small kindness can bring such rewards.

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preeti said...

What a lovely thing to do...