Saturday, April 18, 2015


As you know, the curriculum at Summers Knoll is dynamic. As individual teachers and as a group of educators, we are always reflecting on what we do, analyzing what is working and how to improve, and how and why we are choosing to teach a certain topic. We take on these questions in order to create a rich, stimulating environment for our students. 

Why?  Is also a question many parents ask of us. Our classrooms look different than many traditional classrooms people were educated in, so it is sometimes difficult to understand how and why Summers Knoll works.

The population that rarely asks me why we are studying particular topics are the children. So,this week, I decided to ask the children why. I asked them to write about why they thought we were learning about the Human Body.  Here are some of their responses:

"We learn about bodies because it is interesting and fun."

"We learn about bodies because it is fun and if you want to be a doctor or a scientist."

"We learn about bodies because could be useful sometimes."

"We learn about bodies because if makes your stomach feel weird."

"We learn about bodies because its cool."

"We learn about bodies because we are bodies."

"We learn about bodies because its fun and in case we become a doctor or a dentist or a disease detective."

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