Sunday, March 22, 2015


In our class, most mornings begin with 4 minutes of silence, to help ground and calm us. 

Then we take turn reading a poem. We usually read the same poem for a week. All the poems we have read this year are posted around the room. As mentioned in a previous blog, we read a wide variety of poems. The last two poems have a math thread.

Handy Dandy Pi
(Excerpt of poem)
By Carolyn M. Morehouse

Each circle has a radius
Diameter's its double
But try to find circumf'rence without pi and you're in trouble!

Number pi is just the thing
for calculations circle-ing
Number pi's a handy trick
For problems in arithmetic.

To measure round a circle with a ruler is a nuisance,
Take pi times double radii
The product is circumference!

How many seconds in a minute?
by Christina Rossetti

How many seconds in a minute?
Sixty, and no more in it.
How many minutes in an hour?
Sixty for sun and shower.
How many hours in a day?
Twenty-four for work and play.
How many days in a week?
Seven both to hear and speak.
How many weeks in a month?
Four, as the swift moon runneth.
How many months in a year?
Twelve the almanack makes clear.
How many years in an age?
One hundred says the sage.
How many ages in time?
No one knows the rhyme. 

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