Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Acrostic Poems

by Spencer Bassette (5th grader, 2001)

S peeding down a hill,
L ow on my sled,
E ating the flakes that fly in my mouth,
D igging my gloves in the snow,
D riving myself through the trees,
I n and out in and out,
N ow up a high jump,
G ripping my sled.

After reading the "Sledding" poem, the children tried to write their own acrostic poems. Here are a few examples of their work:

by Aviana

Fiery red leaves dance down from the trees!
A magical time of the year.
Light red, yellow, orange, and brown
Love, love, love! I love fall.

by Andrew

Mist in March
adventures in day Light.
ranch of Light.
c of time.
honey in the bee hive.

by Benjamin

Flames ripping trees
In the hole, ripping tree
Rare destroy a whole forest but sometimes does
trees until they're gone

*Sometimes, the sound of a word works better than the actual spelling of the word.

by Noelle

Spring is good
Peeking out from hills
Rocks are rough
Ice is gone
Nests are built

Giving shelter.

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