Sunday, March 8, 2015

Math and Social Studies

In Math the children learned how to count coin money, and they used their knowledge to buy things at the SK Flea Market.   In the past few weeks we looked at the history of how using money came to be part of the world's culture.

We learned about the history of money in Betsy Maestro's the book: The Story of Money.  She discussed how early on in human history, people started exchanging items they wanted/needed with each other. This lead to more formal barter systems, using various substances for exchange, such as salt, beads, gold and silver. The book took us on a journey through time, from learning how the Sumerians invented the world's first metal money, to China first printing paper money, to the present day and "electronic" money. The book leaves us wondering: What will happen next?

One section of the book, showed money used in other countries. Many children have foreign money at home they want to share with the class, so Tuesday will be "International Currency Day" in math class.

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