Thursday, November 6, 2014

NASA Exploration

Q: What can you do with some paper, tape, a pencil and a straw? 
A: Make a rocket, of course

That is just what we did for our first project in the NASA Exploration.  The paper was taped around the pencil in order to make it just the right size to fit on the straw. When a rocket launch worked, it was amazing and exciting to watch. Some rockets even hit the target destination, Mars.  But as with all experiments, sometimes the construction of the rockets were not precise and the rocket failed to take off. This was disappointing but an inevitable part of science. Back to the drawing board is often part of the process.

The second session, took us to the far reaches of the Solar System. We learned about  Pluto's Secret in a book by Margaret Weitekamp.

After this introduction, Jennifer showed us photographs of Pluto and the New Horizon spacecraft that was launched in 2006. By Spring of next year, scientists will know a lot more about Pluto as the New Horizon gets closer to the "dwarf planet" and it's moons.  They will probably have a lot more questions too. You can learn more about Pluto and follow the New Horizon progress at:

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