Saturday, October 25, 2014

Library trip

At the University of Michigan's Shapiro Library we watched a book being printed before our eyes. Donna and Terri showed us how the Espresso Book Machine works. In less than 10 minutes a copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was printed, bound, and trimmed, right before our eyes. 

Our next stop was the 8th floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library to see a birds-eye view of the city. 

On the way, we walked through the Map Library where we were entranced by a whole shelf full of Globes.  Tim, one of the Map Room Librarians, heard unfamiliar young voices and came out to talk to us.  He gave us 2 globes to take back to school.                                                                                      
Besides a great view, we saw an old manual printing press.  Quite a difference from the Espresso.

Thank you Terri, Donna, and Tim for an amazing library experience.


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