Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting Acquainted

One of our first activities, Tuesday morning, was a scavenger hunt to find other children in the room who had certain attributes.  "Find someone who..." 
Likes tomatoes
Has a dog
Likes the color red
Has a sister
We discovered we had many similarities but also many differences.  We all had fun learning about each other.

 Later in the day and during the following days, we met some of our teachers.  
Josh taught everyone a new song and how to play some of the amazing instruments in the music room.
In the Art Room, Tracy was waiting to help the class make sketch books and started sewing special bags to keep pencils in.
 Imogen, fondly known as Madame, came to our room twice.  Once to teach French, "Bonjour" and the next time for Latin class.  
On Monday, we will go to down to the Science Room for a lesson with Shan and then with her and Jenna for Physical Education (P.E.).   The children already know Shan because she eats lunch with them everyday.  Sorry, I did not get a photo of Shan, yet.

You will have an opportunity to meet all these fine teachers and hear about what they do with your children during Curriculum Night, Tuesday, September 16.

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