Monday, September 1, 2014



Children need to be able to refuel throughout the day in order to maintain energy and focus.  That is why we have snacks each morning and afternoon.  Families take turns providing snacks for the children.  The snack should be healthy and nut-free As with lunch food, please check labels to make sure nuts are not included in the list of ingredients.   Snacks must also be dairy-free because there is a child in the class who is allergic to cows milk.  Check the labels on food to make sure there is no milk products, such as milk,  butter, cheese, whey, etc.  Thank you.

Fruits and vegetables are a great snack for children, for further ideas for click here: healthy nut-free snacks.

If for some reason your family can not provided snacks on your assigned week, please let me know and we will rearrange the schedule.  I will provide snack the first week of school.  Below is a list of when it will be your child's turn to bring snack for the week.

Sept. 2-5 ...Elaine
Sept. 8-12... Serena
Sept. 15-19... Mason
Sept. 22-26...Clara
Sept. 29-Oct 1...Josiah
Oct. 6-10...Benjamin
Oct. 13-17...Olive
Oct. 20-24...Avianna
Oct. 27-31...Nicolas
Nov. 5-7...Andrew
Nov. 17-21...Sean
Nov. 24-25...Zoey
Dec. 2-5...Noelle
Dec. 8-12...Serena
Dec. 15-19...Mason
Jan. 5-9...Clara

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our class "fueled" through out the day.

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