Tuesday, June 3, 2014

End of the Year Party

We had an amazing end of the year party on Monday morning.  
Thank you to Maia, Jeff, and Maggie for inviting us over to their house and planning so many fun activities.
Also, thank you to Preeti, Ade, Karen, and Becky for assisting with everything.

The first project was making beautiful, Japanese tie-dyed T-shirts.  

Next, it was bubble mania.  Blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, catching bubbles.

After a snack, there were relay races.
How do you move cotton balls from one bowl to another without using your hands?
A bit of petroleum jelly on your nose, of course!

The next race required manual dexterity.  Have you ever tried to unwrap a lollipop 
with mittens on?

The best part of this game, was sitting and enjoying the rewards of your efforts.

After a lovely lunch and ice cream sundaes, I got to open my present.  Thank you to the children for a lovely hat and the parents for the generous gift certificate to Downtown Home and Garden.  Obviously, you all know one of my passions is gardening and flowers.

We all had an absolutely fabulous time!

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