Sunday, June 1, 2014

Art in the Garden- Exploration Block

Ten kindergarten, first and second grade children came together in the Art in the Garden Exploration Block and did amazing work.  In five, one hour blocks, they learned about flowers and gardens.

First Session: Planting and seed packets

 The group planted lettuce seeds and transplanted arugula seedlings in a raised bed by our green house.  After looking at the seed packets the lettuce came in, they designed seed packaging for sunflowers and learned each seed and plant have their own planting instructions.

Second session: Water colors of flowers

The children learned about two artist who painted many images of flowers.  Georgia O'Keeffe painted flowers big and upclose.  Elizabeth Blackadder primarily painted in watercolors.  The children saw photos of how she placed the flowers on her paper while she worked.  She would sketch the flower first and then paint.  

Session 3: Dissecting, drawing and labeling the parts of flowers


Session 4: Planning a garden


 Session 5: Making a 3-D representation of a garden

Using clay, recycled materials and some fake flowers the children made models of a garden using some of the ideas from their drawings, while other garden features developed as they went along: fountains, rivers, stepping stones, tree, bridges...

Everybody wished we had a few more sessions but alas, time was up.

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