Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lily's Project

Lily is a student in Karl's class who has been working with our class.  Last semester, she volunteered in our class for an hour on Wednesdays to assist in whatever way she was needed.  She listened to children read, helped them with their writing, and joined in their "choice time" activities.

This semester she again joined our class but this time as part of her Individual Project.  Lily decided that she wanted to develop a group of lessons for 1st and 2nd graders to learn about what detectives do.  First, she did research including interviewing an Ann Arbor police detective.  Then she designed 5 lessons for the children to help them learn about gathering clues, interviewing witnesses, and arresting suspects.  Today was the final session.  With the assistance of several of her classmates, Lily presented our class with a crime, "the case of the stolen cookies".  Each child in the class had assignments to do in order to help solve the "crime". The suspects were narrowed down and the culprit was apprehended.  The best part of this crime was that the detectives got to eat the evidence!

A big thank you to Lily.  We all had a grand time and learned a lot.

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