Monday, June 10, 2013

Wrapping Things Up

It became very apparent that the end of the year was quickly approaching, as a group of parents flooded into the room, at the end of the day, bearing gifts.  

Thank you to all the parents and children for the wonderful basket of gardening supplies, gift certificate, bottle full of "extra change", and the beautiful bouquet of flowers.  It is very clear, you have gotten to know me over the year, because the selection of gifts were perfect.

I also want to thank all the parents for their generous outpouring of time, energy, and assistance this year.  You were such a wonderful support to me throughout the year.

The end of the year is always bitter sweet.  It is great to reflect on all the all the things we have done together, all we have accomplished, the trials and rewards of the year.  It is exciting to look at all the work we have done, but it is also difficult to think that the group will be splitting up.  Some of us will be moving to different classrooms, some of us to different school, but hopefully, we will always carry this year together in our hearts and minds.

Tomorrow, your child will bring home some of their work from the year.  Much of the work done at school is not tangible or quantifiable;  it is about the process of learning, the building of relationships, the resolution of conflicts, the pleasures of reading, the construction of ideas, and the establishment of dreams, .  

I am sure, through observation and conversations with your child, you understand some of these intangibles.  I have tried to capture some of these moments in photographs.  I have also saved some writing samples that have been put in a portfolio.  Your child will also bring home some "work in progress".  There is a handwriting book, a math book (which you may or may not have already gotten), a notebook and folder with the beginnings of a story, and a journal started earlier in the year.  

And, I almost forgot...

The children will also bring home their  "Spring Flowers" journal.  Over the past month the children have been learning the common name and scientific name of various spring flowers and made colored pencil drawings of the flowers.  They are lovely little books that can be added to over time.  Maybe they can be expanded to summer and fall flowers.
I hope you and your child will enjoy looking over these materials and they will bring back fond memories of 2012-13 school year for years to come.

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Susan said...

Beautiful! What lucky kids.