Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking at things in a new way

While I was driving to school today  I saw something I thought would spur the children's imagination and creativity.  I knew a spontaneous trip was in order.

On the schedule for after lunch, "short trip" was written.  All the children wanted to know what this meant.  I said we were going to take a trip to see something very interesting, but I wouldn't tell them what it was.  When we were approaching the corner of Hill and Washtenaw, I asked if any children knew about "the rock" that people painted on.  Many had.  Evie told how her father wrote a message to her mother on the rock.  I told the children to look and see what someone had done with the rock today.  There were gasps of "that's the biggest snowman ever."  We drove around it several times to see it from various angles before heading back to school.

As the children exited the bus, many thanked me for taking them and  told me how much they enjoyed the trip.

At Summers-Knoll we encourage children to think outside the box and use their creativity to approach problems in new ways.  "The snowman" was a perfect example of this kind of thinking, someone looked at a rock and saw a whole new way to use it creatively. 

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