Monday, January 28, 2013


We have had numerous, interesting class discussions about what it means to be part of a community and the rights and responsibilities that come along with this.

 Our first discussion happened at morning gathering.  I gave a example that one right that adults have in our community is they can get a driver's license. 

 I asked the children what were some of the responsibilities that come with driving.  They came up with: driving the speed limit, stopping at stop signs and stop lights.

I asked what happened if you didn't follow the rules.  Several children knew you would get a ticket.  I asked what would happen if you still didn't follow the rules.  No one knew.  I explained that if you get too many tickets,  your license is taken away.  One child asked what if you keep driving anyways.  I explained that you would have to go to jail.  Of course, the natural next question: for how long?
This lead into a discussion of the judicial system of judges and juries.  

It is amazing how much can happen in the first 15 minutes of school:  a complex civics lesson!

Working together and helping others is another part of being part of a community .  To this goal I elicited the children's mosaic making skills to make tiles to be sold at Eudiamonia .  

The children worked in teams to make 4 small mosaics using prefabricated glass tiles.   A larger group made  a 12x12 tile using broken pieces of tiles.  The broken tiles were made during October's theme: Ancient Civilizations.

And thus the circle of learning spins around and transforms, always creating new and wonderful ideas.

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