Monday, January 28, 2013

Book Reviews

I found a blog posting from November that I never published.  It is belated but hopefully still interesting.

After I finish reading a novel to the class, the children are asked to write a review.  The children decided that the the reviews should have a star system to rate the book.  It is a five star system.  One star is the lowest rating and 5 means that you really enjoyed the book.  
Of course, a rating is not very helpful without an explanation about why the individual chose the rating they did.  The children are required to explain why they gave the rating they did.

This type of activity helps children practice their writing skills as well as improve their critically thinking abilities.

Here are samples of some the reviews written about Fortune's Magic Farm:

5 stars: "Once there was a girl named Isabelle...Read all about her.  I like this story because Isabell had lots of ADVENTURES!!!"

5 stars: "It had a happy ending.  Yellow bellied marmots, I liked, because they throw rocks."

3 stars: "I didn't like it that much because it was scary."

5 stars: "I liked the book because Mama Lu yelled 'sllllluuuggggs'.

Some children decided to rate the characters:
5 stars: Isabelle
4 stars: Rocky
0 stars: Mama Lu
0 stars: Mr Supreme

Can you tell who were the villains in the story?
More reviews coming soon....

The reviews on the currently book we are reading, Mean Margret  by Tor Seidler, should be out this week.  W
e are close to the final chapter.

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