Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 During our "Farm to Table" unit, we planted some lettuce seeds.  The children became very interested in seeds and continue to find them in our snack food.  

In September, they tried planting, apple, pepper, and orange seeds.  With the growing season coming to an end, we have started letting the seeds dry out on a paper towel, putting them in a ziplock bag, and saving them for planting in the spring.  So far we have collected more apple, orange, pepper, zucchini, and sunflower seeds (from a sunflower from my garden).  

Tomorrow, we will harvest our lettuce crop to share with the school at our "feast".  We will also be serving zucchini bread we made yesterday: one pan of dairy-free zucchini bread and one pan with eggs.

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Christine Moellering said...

Lilith was so so excited about the zucchini bread! She loved making it!