Sunday, October 14, 2012

Robb N. Johnston

Robb N. Johnston did a marvelous job telling us about being an author/illustrator.  He read us his book, The Woodcutter and the Most Beautiful Tree .  After the story, he showed us the first notes he made for his book.  They were just quick drawings and writing on regular lined paper. The children learned that it took him months and months to write the text and paint the illustrations for the book.

When he finished the book, he sent a sample of his work to 30 publishers.  Unfortunately, he got no responses.  Robb didn't give up.  His tenacity paid off.  Finally, his beautiful book was published.

Robb's discussion was a perfect compliment to discussions we have been having in class about getting ideas down on paper, and not  worrying about having things perfect the first time.

Next, Robb took the children on a step by step tutorial on how to make a picture of the woodcutter.  Then it was time for us to hurry off to meet Faye in the woods.  When we returned, the black and white drawing had been magically transformed into a colorful, personalized picture for us.

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