Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Open your eyes

This morning, Elie, and Dan his father, came in the room and asked about the Cézanne still life that was in the card I sent to the children.  When they looked closely they noticed there were grocery store stickers on the fruit.  Considering Paul Cézanne died in 1906, I doubt these stickers were on the original painting.  

I pulled up the painting again from Google Images and found a reproduction of the real Cézanne painting.  I showed the class both versions and asked them to see if they could find any difference in the two.
They found many:
-one is smaller
-one has a plant
-the other one has a plant but you can't see all of it
-one has blue stickers on the fruit
-one has something white on the bottom
-this one the stick is wider
-this one has the other picture on the back of the paper
-this one is just white on the back

This turned into a great compare and contrast lesson for the class.
(The lesson for me is to look carefully before printing a picture picture from Google Images.)

 Inline image 1            Inline image 2     


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