Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting to know each other

This afternoon as we were walking into Art class, one child turned to me and said, "It has been such an interesting day!"   It had been and continued to be.   

Here is a quick snap shot of the day:

The day started in the lunch room.  The room was crowded with all the children, teachers, executive board members, and many parents and grandparents.  Joanna welcomed everyone to the new school, made introductions of various school personal, and sent us off to start the day.

Back in the room, we did a "get to know you" activity.  

A ball of string was tossed from person to person, each person said their name, held on to the string and tossed the ball to another person.  A web started to form.

We went around again.  Everyone told about something they liked to do.  When we were done there was an even more elaborate web in front of us.  

I talked about the web being like our class this year.  Each person has their own interests, likes and dislikes, and ways of doing things, but we are all connected.  We are each individuals but we will all be working together and helping each other.

Next, Elie kicked off our "Farm to Table" theme by showing us some potatoes and a very immature carrot from his "farm/garden".  He told us not to  eat the leaves of the potato plant because they are in the nightshade family and are poisonous.

Some of the other highlights of the day:

-going out to look at our wooded area and being caught in a downpour
-taking the bus to the "old school" for P.E. 
-having french with Madame

-making portfolios with Tracy in Art class

-going to the science room to do an experiment with Dr. George 

More interesting things on the agenda for tomorrow...stay tuned.

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