Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is it a tool or many tools?

That was the question posed to the children after they saw the tool Kit's father brought in.  And, much as the question, which comes first the chicken or the egg, there was quite a debate over the answer.

Jon, Kit's father came in, to show us a multipurpose tool.  First, he showed  the tool and asked the class to  predict how many "tools" they thought were in the implement.  Then, it was time to find out the answer.  

Each child came up one at a time.  They found tool after tool in the pocket size device.  A screwdriver, a ruler, a saw, a knife...13 in all.  

So the question remains is it one tool or many?

Well, it probably doesn't matter because no matter what the answer, it cut an orange.

Thank you, Jon!

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