Sunday, October 9, 2011


This month, each week we will be reading poems about the natural world.  
Before reading last week's poem to the children, I told them, to listen to the poem and then tell me what they thought the title might be.  The poem's title is the name of the thing the poem describes.  
I read the poem once and several children raised their hands with ideas, but I did not let them tell their ideas till I read it a second time.  After the second reading hands were flying up.  No one could refrain from calling out, "it's the wind!"
I asked them why they thought it was the wind and they pointed out stanzas of the poem that described thing wind can do. 
Here is James Reeves poem The Wind.
I can get through a doorway without any key,
And strip the leaves from the great oak tree.

I can drive storm clouds and shake tall towers,
Or steal through a garden and not wake the flowers.

Seas I can move and ships I can sink; I can carry a house­top 
Or the scent of a pink, 

When I am angry I can rave and riot;
And when I am spent, I be quiet as quiet.

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Anne said...

I bet the kids loved this activity!