Monday, September 12, 2011


The children have lunch and two snack times, everyday; once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Lunch and snacks are an important part of the day.   Healthy food through out the day help sustain healthy minds and bodies.

Each week a family will provide snacks for the class. Currently, there are 12 children in the class.  When it is your turn to provide snacks, please keep in mind:

SK is a "NO NUTS" school. Please remember to check for peanuts and tree nuts, including snacks made in a shared facility. Also, check labels for transfat and high fructose corn syrup and avoid those foods whenever possible.

Please avoid snacks with eggs and dairy, due to allergies of a couple children in the class.  If for some reason, you bring something with one of these ingredients in them, please let me know so I can provide an alternative snack for these children.

It is important to encourage children to form healthy eating habits while they are young so please provide healthy snacks.

Here are some snack suggestions:
      -fresh fruit
 -fresh vegetables
 -apple sauce
 -popcorn (we have an air popper at school so there is no need to buy microwave popcorn)
  (find more suggestions here)

Mark your calendar:
Sept. 6-9...Elaine
Sept. 12-16...Dominic
Sept. 19-23...Kit
Sept. 26-30..Andres
Oct. 3-6...Andrew
Oct. 10-14...Viola
Oct. 17-21...Varvara
Oct. 24-28...Niko
Oct. 31-Nov.4...Arwyn
Nov. 7-11...Gabe
Nov. 14-18...Oliver
Nov. 21-22...Elaine
Nov. 28-Dec. 2...Noah
Dec. 5-9...Kaden
Dec. 12-16...Dominic
Dec. 19-22...Kit
Jan. 9-13...Andres

If for some reason the date assigned your family does not work for any reason, contact me and we can switch weeks with someone.

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