Monday, April 25, 2011


In math we are starting to explore clocks and time.

Along with learning the names of the hands on the clock and figuring out where the numbers are placed, we have also been experiencing how time can be relative.  The way we did this today was to experience a minute while doing different things.  First, everyone marched around the room for 1 minute.  Next, we tried to be completely still and quiet for a minute.  Most of the children thought that the minute seemed much longer when one is trying to be quiet.  Last, we tried to jump up and down for a minute.  Within 30 seconds everyone was sitting on a chair.  It is hard to sustain some activities even for a minute.

All this week, we will be practicing telling time. The children who already know how to tell time will be my helpers.  We will start by learning how to recognize the hour or "o'clock" times.  

On Wednesday, I would like your child to find something from home that can be used to tell time.  It can be anything from a watch, to an egg timer, to a sun dial.  

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